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  Akse ’s very first inspiration was an axe standing on a wooden log. My interpretation of this image of man’s action over Nature results in a dialogue between a raw and a transformed material. The shelves were designed after assembling wooden logs with bend aluminium sheets.  Co-produced with ToolsGalerie. material: wooden log, lacquered aluminium finish: satin protecting varnish on wood, pearly epoxy lacquer on aluminium colours: liquid blue, bronze yellow photo: Thomas Mailaender
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  Ombre  refers to the shadow, a term introduced by psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung as the dark aspects of our beings which are often unconscious, repressed and denied. I interpreted this concept through five artworks which, by their visual and material qualities, confront the spectator with shadow co-related aspects.
 Considered as a primary need or a natural grace, sleep can also be defined as a fundamental habit cyclically recalling man of his organic condition. This sleeping space aims at reflecting the very image of nature and the universe at the domestic level. It consists of a Super King Sofitel MyBed, plain geometric furniture and suspended wooden shelves offering a warm yet light atmosphere. Placed on each side of the room, functional and decorative objects emphasize human interaction with the Four Elements: Air, Fire, Earth and Water occupy the space and surround individuals, positioning Sofitel MyBed as the centre of comfort.  Concept Short-listed for Wallpaper* Sofitel MyBed Universe competition